UK JSA Claimant Off-flows for February 2014 by Type (Detailed Break Down)


Found work: 122,545 or 40.6%
Increases work to 16 plus hours per week: 2,360 or 0.8%
Gone abroad: 6,855 or 2.3%
Claimed Income Support: 3,890 or 1.3%
Claimed Incapacity Benefit: 2,625 or 0.9%
Claimed another benefit: 4,100 or 1.4%
Gone to full-time education: 2,380 or 0.8%
Gone onto approved training: 165 or 0.1%
Transfer to Govt-supported training: 3,250 or 1.1%
Retirement age reached: 85 or 0.0%
Automatic credits payable: 5 or 0.0%
Claims back-to-work bonus: 0 or 0.0
Gone to prison: 2,275 or 0.8%
Attending court: 5 or 0.0%
New claim review: 730 or 0.2%
Defective claim: 3,340 or 1.1%
Ceased claiming: 10,450 or 3.5%
Deceased: 95 or 0.0%
Not known: 43,405 or 14.4%
Failed to sign: 93,210 30.9%
Total: 301,770

A. Data rounded to nearest 5.

B. Claimant count figures do not yet include claimants of Universal Credit. Further information is available at

C. The percentage of off-flows with a “not known” or “failed to sign” destination has increased since the start of the series (representing 44% of total UK off-flows in July 2009).  This is because the completion levels of the forms filled in by JSA leavers have decreased.  Many of these unknown leavers will have moved into employment.

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