UK JSA Claimant Off-flows for March 2014 by Type (Detailed Break Down)


Found work: 108,380 or 43.2%
Increases work to 16 plus hours per week: 2,170 or 0.9%
Gone abroad: 5,815 or 2.3%
Claimed Income Support: 2,920 or 1.2%
Claimed Incapacity Benefit: 2,015 or 0.8%
Claimed another benefit: 3,300 or 1.3%
Gone to full-time education: 1,050 or 0.4%
Gone onto approved training: 145 or 0.1%
Transfer to Govt-supported training: 2,455 or 1.0%
Retirement age reached: 250 or 0.1%
Automatic credits payable: 5 or 0.0%
Claims back-to-work bonus: 0 or 0.0%
Gone to prison: 1,690 or 0.7%
Attending court: 0 or 0.0%
New claim review: 570 or 0.2%
Defective claim: 2,250 or 0.9%
Ceased claiming: 8,250 or 3.3%
Deceased: 80 or 0.0%
Not known: 35,155 or 14.0%
Failed to sign: 74,395 29.6%
Total: 250,920

A. Data rounded to nearest 5.

B. Claimant count figures do not yet include claimants of Universal Credit. Further information is available at

C. The percentage of off-flows with a “not known” or “failed to sign” destination has increased since the start of the series (representing 44% of total UK off-flows in July 2009).  This is because the completion levels of the forms filled in by JSA leavers have decreased.  Many of these unknown leavers will have moved into employment.

One thought on “UK JSA Claimant Off-flows for March 2014 by Type (Detailed Break Down)

  1. One of the figures I find interesting is the retirement age reached. I say this as since this government came into power, this government has increased the retirement ago for a lot of jobs. For example, the retirement age for firefighters has increased from 55 to 60 I believe.

    Obviously because of this, it means that the percentage of claimants who are at retirement age would have decreased dramatically. It would be interesting to know what the percentage of claimants was before the retirement age was increased.


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