QS208EW – Religion (2011 Census Results for all usual residents)


Christian: 494,358 (Birmingham);   33,243,175 (England and Wales)
Buddhist: 4,780 (Birmingham);   247,743 (England and Wales)
Hindu: 22,362 (Birmingham);   816,633 (England and Wales)
Jewish: 2,205 (Birmingham);   263,346 (England and Wales)
Muslim: 234,411 (Birmingham);   2,706,066 (England and Wales)
Sikh: 32,376 (Birmingham);   423,158 (England and Wales)
Other religion: 5,646 (Birmingham);   240,530 (England and Wales)
No religion: 206,821 (Birmingham);  14,097,229 (England and Wales)
Religion not stated: 70,086 (Birmingham);   4,038,032 (England and Wales).

All categories: 1,073,045 (Birmingham);   56,075,912 ((England and Wales).

This is a person’s current religion, or if the person does not have a religion, ‘no religion’.  No determination is made about whether a person was a practicing member of a religion.

Unlike other census questions where missing answers are imputed, this question was voluntary, and where no answer was provided the response is categorised as ‘not stated’.



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