My Dad, Politics, Bluebells and #ukip


Thank you so much for this piece!

It chimes in with the stance of my paternal Grandfather, who died in 2010 at the age of 97. He regarded Farage as just another Tory.

I suspect that you will not be surprised to learn that ukip chose not to contest 10 out of 40 Wards in Birmingham on 22nd May. The 10 include a number wherein live many descendants of Irish migrants. Hardly the people to whom to preach that migration is a bad thing. Many of their neighbours are the descendants of other migrants, who also came to Birmingham to make a better life for themselves.

They are often poor though and some disillusioned with politics so, according to ukip they are fertile ground for its policies, but perhaps they are too well educated, cultured and young at heart to vote ukip? I like to think so and we like a curry or two here in Birmingham. In fact, most major cuisines from around the world may be sampled here in our city. ukipers are more likely than not to regard ‘foreign’ food as something to be avoided.

My maternal Grandfather moved to Birmingham from Hastings to find work so your blog post has particular resonance for me and mine.  His wife moved from South Wales to find work too.  They were internal migrants!

I like my city, but sometimes, only very, very rarely do I think it might be easier to improve it, if it was a little less diverse. The number of communities here now can make it harder to build consensuses than it might otherwise have been in the past. But then I remember that its diversity is a strength not a weakness, an opportunity not a threat.

I have worked closely with many in the Islamic community, including Islamic Relief. I do not recognise the vile caricature of the followers of Islam being promoted by ukip.

I like my city the way it is. I like it that ukip nearly gave Labour, my party, a second Council seat in Andrew Mitchell’s Sutton Coldfield. The affluent Sutton Coldfield is where ukip fielded 4 candidates, one each per Ward, but they say they are on the side of people like us!

I could go on and on, but I will not. Thank you again for this eloquent piece. My condolences about your Dad.


One thought on “My Dad, Politics, Bluebells and #ukip

  1. The real story is the little English Democrats did better than the Lib Dems. But the disaster is the banned party political broadcast by TUSC that would have given Labour a run for its money.

    Everyone can negative campaign UKIP, but TUSC could not say how its party was different from Labour and better, even with the Chairperson having been a Labour MP for a period of time.

    I am tired of seeing UKIP, UKIP, UKIP, UKIP, UKIP in every so-called left wing blog, ad nausem. Of course UKIP is Tory. It split from Tories as a party to leave EU membership.

    If you gave no posting on UKIP at all, and spent more time finding out about TUSC and Left Unity Party and Mebyon Kernow of Cornwall, then perhaps you might start saving the lives of the disabled, chronic sick, and elderly, and for the wellbeing of parents and children in the working poor, by bringing onto councils, new councillors who do not enjoy such terrible things as cutting services to disabled but keep a cardboard cut-out ceremonial mayor (nothing to do with the full-time paid and direct public elected Mayors like London’s Boris) that are just councillors who do no council work but get extra expenses.

    But that opportunity was lost before next year’s general election.

    Why do I not see headlines that incorporate the real socialist parties to give them a chance of exposure to people who would vote them into power.

    There are no small parties. All parties are fighting for an ever dwindling voter base.

    As Gandhi observed that, People’s Politics Are Their Daily Bread,

    Then the socialists have many tens of millions of potential voters, but between then arguing for arguing’s sake on internal trivia when people are starving in England, and the blogs who talk only about Labour, when Labour losing 41 MPs when Scotland goes free and so unable to form a government in 2015, instead of parties offering a chance of life.

    Current Labour is as much a danger to tens of millions of UK citizens, as The Greens (green taxes kill 30,000 elderly from fuel poverty each winter), Tories, Lib Dems, UKIP, and any other party that believes in Austerity, welfare reform and denying state pension payout when other sources of income are either well insufficient for food and fuel or lost from benefit sanction or loss.

    How is it an ex-Labour MP is the Chairperson of TUSC and Labour itself has not culled its right wing New Labourites and joined TUSC, bringing the millions in trade union donations with them?


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