JSA Claimant Off-flows 2005 to 2009 Inclusive – Reasons by Occupation (Found work or increased work to more than 16 hours a week)


0 : Occupation unknown = 5,015

1 : Managers and Senior Officials = 330,630

2 : Professional Occupations = 245,820

3 : Associate Professional and Technical Occupations = 395,265

4 : Administrative and Secretarial Occupations = 682,780

5 : Skilled Trades Occupations = 655,760

6 : Personal Service Occupations = 259,500

7 : Sales and Customer Service Occupations = 743,020

8 : Process, Plant and Machine Operatives = 617,820

9 : Elementary Occupations = 1,253,990

These single digit Standard Occupational Classification 2000 major groups may be further broken down to two digit SOC2000 sub-major groups and three digit SOC2000 minor groups.

NB Figures are for Great Britain.


2 thoughts on “JSA Claimant Off-flows 2005 to 2009 Inclusive – Reasons by Occupation (Found work or increased work to more than 16 hours a week)

  1. A few things. Firstly, excuse my lack of knowledge, but what is meant by ‘Elementary Occupations’? Secondly, are zero hour contracts and workfare included in these hours, seeing as they are included in the offical employment figures? Lastly, I assume that overall these figures would drop for the years 2010-2013. What percentage they would drop by would be the interesting part.


  2. Firstly, see Volume One in the Downloads box:


    You may be some time!

    Yes, zero hours contract jobs are included, because they are jobs, despite there being no guaranteed wage or salary. This type of employment is actually centuries old.

    Workfare is not counted in these figures, because people are still in receipt of JSA whilst undertaking it.

    You would be comparing a five year period there with a four year one. I think you need to look at each month in a year individually and compare this off flow category with the total number of on flows within that month or do so, in the same way, on an annual basis.

    I am sure it would not take you long to master NOMIS. The introduction is here:



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