Is the Fight for Truth Important?



As reader are fully aware, Debbie Sayers and I presented our first petition to Parliament last year which helped get Iain Duncan Smith & Lord Freud called into the Work & Pensions Select to answer for their misuse of statistics.

At that time RosWynne Jones of the Mirror asked me if it had been worth the effort, I replied  We’ll keep up the fight and keep campaigning. It doesn’t end here” and it hasn’t. Since then Debbie and I have worked tirelessly on collating the data that demonstrates our claim and of course we published our 2nd petition demanding the House of Commons accept the Selects three recommendations on delivery and use of statistics.

Since the publication on 15 May, there have been numerous accounts of Politicians continuing to spin statistics and deny the reality of Welfare Reform issues, I’ve personally written about Evidence behind growth in food banks,  Rising ESA…

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Time For The Truth



I’ve discussed the behaviour of the DWP misusing Statistics on several occasions, from our successful petition asking the Welfare & Pensions Select to investigate these actions, to the introduction of  the newly formed single fraud investigation service, (SFIS), allegedly costing £140 millionThe misrepresentation of information is how different Politicians have repeatedly spoken on Welfare Reform, they have persisted with their interpretations even after the UK Statistics Authority have refuted it.

The Governments rationale behind such conduct certainly indicates their increasing use of  psychological coercion with various Departments insisting, their version of data is correct rejecting all alternate information and separate opinions, they have devised rules that control the topics they determine permissible to discuss, and all communication is highly controlled.

A recent example of this was the development of  SFIS a cross Government strategy to reduce fraud and error”. I’ve previously considered the validity of the DWP’s claim, this group was…

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My Dad, Politics, Bluebells and #ukip


Thank you so much for this piece!

It chimes in with the stance of my paternal Grandfather, who died in 2010 at the age of 97. He regarded Farage as just another Tory.

I suspect that you will not be surprised to learn that ukip chose not to contest 10 out of 40 Wards in Birmingham on 22nd May. The 10 include a number wherein live many descendants of Irish migrants. Hardly the people to whom to preach that migration is a bad thing. Many of their neighbours are the descendants of other migrants, who also came to Birmingham to make a better life for themselves.

They are often poor though and some disillusioned with politics so, according to ukip they are fertile ground for its policies, but perhaps they are too well educated, cultured and young at heart to vote ukip? I like to think so and we like a curry or two here in Birmingham. In fact, most major cuisines from around the world may be sampled here in our city. ukipers are more likely than not to regard ‘foreign’ food as something to be avoided.

My maternal Grandfather moved to Birmingham from Hastings to find work so your blog post has particular resonance for me and mine.  His wife moved from South Wales to find work too.  They were internal migrants!

I like my city, but sometimes, only very, very rarely do I think it might be easier to improve it, if it was a little less diverse. The number of communities here now can make it harder to build consensuses than it might otherwise have been in the past. But then I remember that its diversity is a strength not a weakness, an opportunity not a threat.

I have worked closely with many in the Islamic community, including Islamic Relief. I do not recognise the vile caricature of the followers of Islam being promoted by ukip.

I like my city the way it is. I like it that ukip nearly gave Labour, my party, a second Council seat in Andrew Mitchell’s Sutton Coldfield. The affluent Sutton Coldfield is where ukip fielded 4 candidates, one each per Ward, but they say they are on the side of people like us!

I could go on and on, but I will not. Thank you again for this eloquent piece. My condolences about your Dad.