Need 100,000 #WOW Signatures To Make #IDS, #McVey & #DWP #DWProud!


What are e-petitions?

e-petitions are an easy, personal way for you to influence government and Parliament in the UK.  You can create an e-petition about anything that the government is responsible for and if it gets at least 100,000 signatures, it will be considered for debate in the House of Commons.  You can find more information about how the House of Commons deals with e-petitions on the Backbench Business Committee website:

1. PIP should be scrapped.  Petition No 61694.  Ends 3/3/15

2. ATOS appeal upheld not go again. Petition No. 59544 191 signatures Ends 22/1/15

3. ATOS & Tribunal Service money to GPs.  Petition No 60046.  Ends 5/2/15

4. DWP show common sense over terminal/degenerate illness.  Petition No 61319.  Ends 24/2/15

5. Disabled people UK Welfare reforms suspended. Petition No 66608.  Ends 20/6/15

6. Make WCA Realistic.  Petition No 66404.  Ends 16/6/15

7. Abolish mandatory reconsideration.  Petition No 57915.  Ends 5/12/14

8. Stop Ian Duncan Smith Rolling out Prepaid Benefit Cards.  Petition No 70218.  Ends 30/3/15

9. Stop charge for Appeals.  Petition No 61504. Signatures 26. Ends 27/2/15

10. Abolish Universal Credit. Petition No 58428. Ends 30/12/14

11. Stop discrimination transfer DLA/PIP.  Petition No 66447.  Ends 16/12/14

12. End JSA Sanctions.  Petition No 57087.  Ends 14/11/14

13. ATOS WCA Abolish.  Petition No 55159.  Ends 23/9/14

14. GP power to veto WCA decision.  Petition No 64071.  Ends 22/4/15

15. Stop abolition assessment rate.  Petition No. 58266.  Ends 13/12/14

16. Benefit sanctions inquiry.  Petition No. 58217.  Ends 13/12/14

17. “Lies, Damn Lies, IDS and The DWP; STOP Spinning Statistics” #ImpeachDWP #NOWPetition


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