Ukip are happy to politicise abuse without equipping the children of the future



The abuse in Rotherham and other Northern towns is appalling. It’s a failure of those in power to listen to and respect the voices of girls and their parents, the voices of people from largely deprived backgrounds. No one is denying that the abusers were mostly from a Pakistani background.
The report by Commissioned by Rotherham Council, is very clear there were systematic failures by all those we hold responsible for caring for our young people. No one can disagree with it’s conclusions. No one is trying to.

However the behaviour of UKip has not added to the debate it has not taken it forward, it has not said how they would help the voices of the unheard be listened to in the future. They have not put forward one policy or suggestion that will help young people who are abused.

As a party they have decided that this poster…

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