Together We ‘Minorities’ CAN beat the Uphill Struggle for Equality



A new report from the uni of Sheffield has found Welfare reform reinforces growing class prejudice reminiscent of Victorian era –

” many people now attribute unemployment and poverty to the failings of individuals, rather than to structural weaknesses in the British economy and entrenched socio-economic inequalities. Worryingly, negative views around welfare were also extended to the physically disabled and mentally ill. The research therefore suggests that, in the aftermath of the recession, there has been a decline in empathy and understanding for some of the most disadvantaged and marginalised groups in our society

Today the Guardian have turned over comment is free to black contributors, this is fantastic and exactly what we need more of as according to FleetStreetFox  “it’s 2014 and we’re speaking about foreigners in much the same way we did 100 years ago, with just as much nastiness, stupidity and flawed logic“. Other reports have…

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One thought on “Together We ‘Minorities’ CAN beat the Uphill Struggle for Equality

  1. Catherine

    I’ve just had an interesting experience with the DWP. I was in the process of trying to apply for a Motability grant and suddenly found that I didn’t have enough time left on my DLA. I know I should have known when it expired but I’d got muddled as I’d taken the DLA award letter to get my blue badge on the same day and the blue badge ran for 3 years and the DLA for 2 and the DLA had been backdated for over 4 months as Atos had messed around with appointments. I was advised to ring the DLA helpline and tell them about the recent diagnosis I’d had for MND and that I’d probably get my DLA extended. I duly rang the DLA helpline on 10th October and was told that in the YO area a change of circumstances triggered me having to apply for PIP and was given the number. I rang and applied and was told that they’d probably need some more information and then they’d send the form and that I should get it in about 2 weeks and gave me a number to ring if I hadn’t heard anything in 3 weeks. I got the form on 22nd October with 10th October date on it and a deadline of 10th November. I actually didn’t realise this until the Friday when I looked at it as I’d been working the rest of the week and wasn’t well. I emailed CAB the following Monday to arrange an appointment and was told the earliest they could do was 5th November. I joined Benefits and Rights straight away and downloaded their guide and I’m so glad I did as I would not have put in the details or gone to my GP and got the paperwork. I now have filled it all in, including extra sheets and it’s ready for the CAB to check over. I will then be going to the post office, slapping first class stamps on it and sending it with a proof of posting. The DWP are playing dirty tricks by sending forms out late but with the phonecall date on them. It is a cynical ploy to panic people into filling in the forms without support. I wonder how many of them get binned at the first hurdle or how many people just can’t cope with filling them in and so don’t or how many people just miss the deadline. I had written to my MP about this and another couple of problems that I’m having and he got in touch with the DWP to be told I hadn’t sent the form back yet – this was because I hadn’t even received it when he made the enquiry.


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