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Institute_of_Directors_4_December_2011Bastions of Power: The Institute of Directors

The problem with the internet is that it is easy to make connections between people, events and organisations: you could call it a conspiracy theory generator. It is far harder to elucidate the relationship between them though – it’s the old problem of correlation and causation. Nevertheless here are some connections.

Cast your minds back, if you are old enough, to the heady days of the mid-70s. James Burke had an excellent programme called “connections” in which he showed how the invention of the paper clip led inexorably to the discovery of black holes. It wasn’t quite that silly but it was great fun for a 14 year old whose mind was filled with possibilities.

In 1975, Margaret Thatcher swept to power as the first Female leader of the Tory party. She plotted and watched as the Wilson then Callaghan Labour…

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