Of Course #ukip Advocates A Policy Of Repatriation, It Can Do No Other! #ThanetSouth


ukippers (and many across the political spectrum and in the media) say we are swamped and, in particular, that our public services are being stretched to breaking point.  The answer?  Suspend/pause, reduce or end migration.

If we are already swamped and if, as even most ukippers seem to think, we will not be leaving the European Union until about 2020, following the logic of those saying migration is the root of many of our problems, then we will be even more swamped then than now.  Consequently, sending them home is surely, is it not, the logical answer?

In fact, as we leave the EU and seek to close our borders against EU migrants then we will have to send them home, because they will be sending their migrants from here back to us.  That number may be as high as 2 million and heaven knows how many expatriates will return home as we exit the EU.  We could even find ourselves with a net inflow.  An inflow worsened by the fact that those coming back, being on balance older, will impose a greater strain on public services than young, healthy, tax paying EU migrants who leave their dependants at home.  Logically, we will then have to start sending home people here under our current points based system that applies to migrants from outside of the EU.

I was surprised that (a tired and emotional?) Mark Reckless said what he did when he did, but I was even more surprised at the surprise of others when he said what ukip’s policy would be towards migrants, on an exit from the EU.  If you talk about migrants swamping public services and taking jobs, decry any other policies, but those styled as controlling migration to address those issues, then repatriation is where you end up.  Particularly so when you want to cut taxes, public spending and the deficit even more than George Osborne.

ukip’s repatriation policy has been hidden in plain sight.  Disturbingly, even the liberal parts of the media prefer to engage in a US style debate about flags, where they can have a pop at all sides of the argument, rather than address such a serious and divisive matter like mass forced repatriation.  Some form of repatriation is ukip policy and as they plan to couple it with requiring all of us remaining here to comply with their definition of British values and culture then we are in the presence of a fascist party.

Incidentally, when did we become the 51st State of the United States of America?  Halloween becomes, every year, ever more modelled on that of the USA; we seem to be a heart beat away from pledging allegiance to a flag and Black Friday this year arrives at Tesco on 28th November.  Why do we not go the whole turkey and celebrate Thanksgiving the day before?  Under ukip, one senses, we might well seek to confirm our status as the 51st.  Farage likes to hang around and be photographed with men, often libertarians, to the right of the Republican Party.  Funny though, I see no evidence of him offering me a referendum on bending the knee to Uncle Sam.  I might just vote Yes

I Am With The 85%, I Refuse To Dance To #ukip’s Tune Of Hate! #ThanetSouth

ukip should be taken seriously.  But it may not like the experience | Andrew Rawnsley

2 thoughts on “Of Course #ukip Advocates A Policy Of Repatriation, It Can Do No Other! #ThanetSouth

  1. My family are very multi cultural – husband German/Dutch and a dp from post ww2. My sister in law and her daughter are Spanish and my sister’s partner is from New Zealand. I really can’t imagine the destruction this right wing agenda would have on families but looking at my husband’s history and the vilification of the sick, disabled & disenfranchised by the current gov perhaps I can *shudders*
    I met an Italian Egyptian today with a young family – hard working, responsible, pays his dues – whole heartedly wants to be part of this country. Why would we want to ‘repatriate’ (destroy) people in such a manner and to what purpose? I can only assume a serious level of nastiness underneath all the smiles for the cameras.
    Very sad for Britain to sink so low and no small worry for those of us who are already being affected by the current govs hateful views to also have to face further destructiveness from fascistic ideology of the worst kind.
    Peace be with you and yours.


    • It is all about division and demoralisation. I have heard it said that Republican politicians in Soutern States of the USA have on occasion commented to the white unemployed, you may be unemployed, but at least you are not black. A nice angle to exploit to drive in a wedge.

      I have read and re-read Richard J Evans three books about the Nazi Party, its rise and time in power that focus on the social and political activities of the party’s 25 year life. Too much of what is happening today they would recognise, because it is policy they promoted and enacted. You do not have to set up death camps to be a Fascist.

      Peace be with you and yours.


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