#ukip’s Pledge To Take All On #NMW Completely Out Of Income Tax Bites The Dust! #GE2015 #ThanetSouth









5 thoughts on “#ukip’s Pledge To Take All On #NMW Completely Out Of Income Tax Bites The Dust! #GE2015 #ThanetSouth

  1. The Greens help with the living wage, by offering, as a unique policy not provided in 2015 manifesto by any other party, a universal and automatic Citizen Income for each individual.

    I just cannot pin them down when they would implement this policy, being as the working poor, the poor over 60s denied state pension for life on and from 6 April 2016 and klds in poor families suffering rickets cannot wait.



    • It will not be universal and, any way the Green Party will not be implementing this policy because they are not going to form a Government in the foreseeable future. Moreover, the United Kingdom electorate is unlikely to vote for a £240 billion income transfer that will allow anyone, who wants so to do, to do no paid work for the rest of their lives. Good luck trying to sell that proposal on the doorstep to working people who think those on Social Security sponge off them. Of course, the vast majority do not, but from experience I know everyone knows someone who knows someone who is, if only through reading, listening to and viewing our humane balanced media.

      And, given that ukip supports a basic income, I am disinclined to think it is a good idea. I am even less inclined to look favorably upon the idea as the Austrian School of Economics and its adherents have been big proponents of it. They, like ukip, would set it at or just above subsistence level thereby pricing (in other words forcing) people into work at very low rates of pay.

      Then there is the small matter of how one would implement the basic income which will one trusts benefit from the trail blazed by the Universal Credit project? Lest we forget that includes Housing Benefit and the basic income does not (and that neither include Council Tax Benefit). Then there is the fraught issue of mortgage interest payments for those out of work. Now we only pay them for people who have lost their jobs, but in the brave new world of the basic income how will we determine who and crucially who does not get help with their mortgage payments? Furthermore, how will we assess entitlement to passported benefits like free eye tests, prescriptions and the like available to people on income based benefits and low incomes.

      Putting it succinctly for you, Chris, the basic income is a non starter for a variety of reasons.


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