#ukip’s Great Working Class Lie #GE2015


Van Rants

Lately, we have been hearing a lot from farage and other toffs in his party harping on that ‘ukip are stealing working class, labour voters, as well as tories’, and indeed you do hear it often parroted by their supporters.

But what positive proposals has ukip come up with to support the average worker? Apart from their snake-oil ‘leave the EU’ line, I am unaware of ANY concrete proposals which, when compared to the other parties, would benefit the average worker!

The claim that ukip is supporting the working man is never qualified or explained, yet some people seem to be gobbling it up! The narrative seems to be;

“Ukip are the party of the working man”

“Why, what proposals do you have to better the average worker’s life?”

“Look at this pint! Look at this cigarette! You like pints and cigarettes and having a jolly good laugh don’t you?…

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