A Drop In The Ocean… A JobCentre Story


Same Difference

An extract from here.

I am a student with Open University. That means I am a full time student, but only considered part time by the government because Open University does not qualify for any student maintenance.

I am mentally ill, and my doctor agrees that I am mentally disabled by this as it affects my day-to-day life and ability to function.

I was made redundant on 28th March 2014 from the Civil Service. Before this, ATOS had declared me unfit to work. After this, they said otherwise.

I work a minimum of 4 hours a week with a new employer. I do not often get overtime. I am paid minimum wage. My mother works in the same place.

I am also self-employed, and run my own business, but have made no money in over a year. The business has no losses.

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