JobCentre Call Police On Claimant Because He Begs For Advisors’ Help


Same Difference

With many thanks to Justice4Jobseekers.

Thanks to Julie O’Dwyer for sharing this with us. More evidence of the increasing level of inhumanity shown by so-called Jobcentre advisers:

“I was in the job centre several weeks ago. Whilst waiting to be seen I could hear a gentleman begging for somebody to properly explain why he had been sanction. The advisor refused to speak to him any further and so the gentleman said he would sit and wait until somebody could explain things to him. He was totally non aggressive and not at all confrontational. The job centre called the police and they forcibly removed him from the building. I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life! The poor guy was desperate and the people who are there to supposedly support him just turned their backs and had him turfed out onto the street! That one incident said it all to…

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