Cameron, Why Should Voters Believe You, A Transient, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Tory Leader? #GE2015


This is how Cameron should be interviewed between now and when he steps down:

David Cameron is spreading promises around like a muck spreader on speed.  His latest set of promises, his 20:20 vision (or mirage, if you prefer) for black, Asian and minority communities is yet another example of a pledge he cannot honour, because by 2020 he will not just not be Prime Minister, assuming he still is after May 7th this year, but he will have stood down as leader of the Tory Party well before then.

He cannot, therefore, promise “that by the end of ” this “decade 20 per cent of selections for seats, where Conservative candidates are standing down, would be reserved for minority candidates.”  He barely persuaded his party to support some of his A List candidates when he was at the top of his game and basking in the Tory Party’s optimistic expectations of victory in the 2010 General Election.  “The highest-profile example” of an A Lister was “the chick-flit (sic) novelist Louise Mensch who quit as the MP for Corby last month, leaving her party facing near-certain defeat in the resulting by-election.”

Where are the Robin Days of today to challenge David Cameron about the credibility of all these policies behind which he stands four square.  Is there no one going to point out that if these pronouncements are not endorsed by May, Osborne and Johnson then the guarantee that the Tory Party will honour David’s pledges ends when he leaves the political stage?

Decisions Facing Rachel Reeves on Friday 8th May 2015 (Number 17: Demand Side Issues 1) #GE2015


A revamped public employment service should be charged with playing the lead role in tackling discrimination in the labour market as well as ensuring compliance with legislation relating to the National Minimum Wage, employment agencies, health and safety and the Working Time Directive.

If all vacancies being advertised within the United Kingdom (see previous post in this series) have to be notified to the public employment service then ensuring compliance should become much easier than it currently is now.

Decisions Facing Rachel Reeves on Friday 8th May 2015 #GE2015 (Number 16: Recruiting By Word Of Mouth)


Recruiting by word of mouth is, by its very nature, discriminatory and, although it may not be impossible to end it completely, a government committed to equality of opportunity should legislate to limit its pernicious effects on social and economic mobility.

Whether you are a Cameron obtaining preferment through contacts made at Eton and Oxford or a white male who wangles a job in logistics, courtesy of family connections smiled on by management and trades unions, you are obtaining an unfair advantage in the labour market.

A Secretary of State for Work and Pensions committed to opening up the labour market to all those looking for work cannot ignore a significant barrier to full participation in that market.  What you know should trump whom you know.  I gather it used to be the case in Germany that all vacancies had to be notified to the German equivalent of our Jobcentre network.  Is there any reason why that should not happen in the United Kingdom?

#WOW Very Worrying #UniversalCredit Roll Out Developments #GE2015 #RaceForNumber10 #GeneralElection2015


The poor side of life

Today I learnt of some new developments in the universal credit roll out. These changes are devastating and they left me lost for words. I’ll explain now but please share.

When universal credit first came out you could not apply for it if you were already claiming housing benefit. There was a glitch in the system and the computer said no. They’ve sorted this so here goes.

They are now transferring people onto universal credit from JSA. There’s no option to say no, they are simply changing their claim. Their existing claim will be shut down, as will their claim for housing benefit. The claimant will also have to go to the local council offices to sort out the council tax payments, if not they will be left with a massive bill.

Why am I so worried? If you are already in debt with your rent due to the bedroom…

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