#ukip Mislays English Midlands! #GE2015 #RaceForNumber10 #GeneralElection2015 #Birmingham #Porthmadog


Once more a senior member of ukip, Paul Nuttall in this case, has put Birmingham in the north of England.  We are not in the north nor in the south of England, we are in the Midlands.

One would have thought, given ukip’s obsession with British values and culture, that the party would know where the Midlands are in England.  Why?  Well, William Shakespeare came from down the road in Warwickshire which is most definitely not in the south of England.

Of course, Will, if alive today, would not be a natural party supporter, despite ukip’s desire to turn his birthday into a national holiday.  He wrote too much about the human condition being something common to all, whether they live in Scotland, Venice, Verona, York, Alexandria, Troy, Athens, Bangor, Shrewsbury, Coventry, Rome, Denmark, Harfleur, Orleans, Auvergne, Bordeaux, Rouen, Paris, Angiers, Windsor or the Forest of Arden, to be a little Englander.

And on the subject of England, it was Kipling who wrote, “And what should they know of England who only England know?”  In Paul Nuttall’s case precious little, given he recently managed to think it was 1974 and that Porthmadog is called Portmadoc.  I imagine, given his ukip copyrighted, southern centric equatorial line that he thought The Gateway To Snowdonia was in the north of England.  Actually, it is in the English Midlands, in a way, as so many of us from here take our holidays in that welcoming foreign country.

What next?  Northern Ireland, an offshore colony of northern England?

Paul Nuttall, Lacking In Hwyl, Declines To Translate #ukip Into Welsh …

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