Cameron, Why Should Voters Believe You, A Transient, Here Today, Gone Tomorrow, Tory Leader? #GE2015


This is how Cameron should be interviewed between now and when he steps down:

David Cameron is spreading promises around like a muck spreader on speed.  His latest set of promises, his 20:20 vision (or mirage, if you prefer) for black, Asian and minority communities is yet another example of a pledge he cannot honour, because by 2020 he will not just not be Prime Minister, assuming he still is after May 7th this year, but he will have stood down as leader of the Tory Party well before then.

He cannot, therefore, promise “that by the end of ” this “decade 20 per cent of selections for seats, where Conservative candidates are standing down, would be reserved for minority candidates.”  He barely persuaded his party to support some of his A List candidates when he was at the top of his game and basking in the Tory Party’s optimistic expectations of victory in the 2010 General Election.  “The highest-profile example” of an A Lister was “the chick-flit (sic) novelist Louise Mensch who quit as the MP for Corby last month, leaving her party facing near-certain defeat in the resulting by-election.”

Where are the Robin Days of today to challenge David Cameron about the credibility of all these policies behind which he stands four square.  Is there no one going to point out that if these pronouncements are not endorsed by May, Osborne and Johnson then the guarantee that the Tory Party will honour David’s pledges ends when he leaves the political stage?

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