3 thoughts on “The Grave Of The Only British Prime Minister Whose First Language Was Not English …

  1. Now would Lloyd George be in TUSC or in Miliband and Balls’ New Labour today?

    Or would Lloyd George be a leading light in PLAID CYMRU in Wales today?

    Vote Different – How poor now outnumber all other voters:

    Four spectres haunt the Poor — Old Age, Accident, Sickness and Unemployment. We are going to exorcise them. We are going to drive hunger from the hearth. We mean to banish the workhouse from the horizon of every workman in the land.
    Speech in Reading (1 January 1910)

    You cannot feed the hungry on statistics.
    David Lloyd George

    Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/authors/d/david_lloyd_george.html#bl44MgKTJdKVVLqy.99


    • He would probably support Labour as the leader of the Liberal Party (which still exists) as he was always in favour of Home Rule and was mostly on the same page as Keir Hardie (as DLG himself said). He would not, therefore, be a member of TUSC nor Plaid Cymru nor the Liberal Democrats.


    • “You may keep your principles shining bright and not get your hands on the levers of power. You may get them a little tarnished, get your hands on the levers of power and do something (to improve the condition of the working class).” David Lloyd George.

      In over 100 years, the disorganised Left have achieved nothing to improve the working class. My response to your call for me to promote division amongst progressives on May 7th comes from Labour’s 1945 Manifesto. It would seem that not only are you unable to pray in aid DLG, but you cannot call upon Aneurin Bevan either. I wish TUSC and Respect good fortune, but I am not going to ask people to vote for them. I have no time for Class War.


      Quite a number of political parties will be taking part in the coming Election. But by and large Britain is a country of two parties.

      And the effective choice of the people in this Election will be between the Conservative Party, standing for the protection of the rights of private economic interest, and the Labour Party, allied with the great Trade Union and co-operative movements, standing for the wise organisation and use of the economic assets of the nation for the public good. Those are the two main parties; and here is the fundamental issue which has to be settled.

      The election will produce a Labour Government, a Conservative Government, or no clear majority for either party: this last might well mean parliamentary instability and confusion, or another Election.

      In these circumstances we appeal to all men and women of progressive outlook, and who believe in constructive change, to support the Labour Party. We respect the views of those progressive Liberals and others who would wish to support one or other of the smaller parties of their choice. But by so doing they may help the Conservatives, or they may contribute to a situation in which there is no parliamentary majority for any major issue of policy.

      In the interests of the nation and of the world, we earnestly urge all progressives to see to it – as they certainly can – that the next Government is not a Conservative Government but a Labour Government which will act on the principles of policy set out in the present Declaration.

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