Why #JezWeCan @Corbyn4Leader Pulling His Punches & Referring to Tax Fraud as Tax Evasion? #Corbyn4Leader


I kid you not. Jeremy Corbyn released this document a couple of weeks ago. You will find references to tax evasion in two places:

“A detailed analysis last year produced by Richard Murphy suggests that the government is missing out on nearly £120 billion in tax revenues, per year.

That’s enough to double the NHS budget; enough to give every man, woman and child in this country £2,000.

The £120bn figure is made up from:

  • about £20bn in tax debt, uncollected by HMRC which continues to suffer budget and staffing cuts (only partially reversed in the last Budget)
  • another £20bn in tax avoidance
  • and a further £80bn in tax evasion.
  • “Reform of small business taxation to discourage avoidance and tackle tax evasion.”

You will find no references to tax fraud in the document.  Tax evasion is a middle class euphemism for tax fraud.

Am I to the left of Jeremy Corbyn in calling tax fraud what it is?  A socially unacceptable crime.

Of course, if you are looking to maximise your support amongst the sort of people who want other people to pay for their offspring’s university tuition fees then I guess it pays to use a euphemism?

Corbyn is right to say, “My local coffee shop cannot pretend to buy its beans from a subsidiary to dishonestly shift its income to a low tax jurisdiction”, but is he able to say the same of all of his supporters, in particular those supporting him because of his stance on university tuition fees?


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