The worst meme in politics …


Another insightful blog post from Jade Azim!

Jade Azim

In equal parts the worst and most well-tread meme on the Left right now is the ‘I blame the media and the public for believing the media’ meme. The only thing holding Labour back is the public’s false consciousness, a phenomena created by Rupert Murdoch. The most recent piece to tread this ground is this one. It reads:

With the help of their friends in the media, Tory lies quickly embed themselves in the public consciousness, rather like a splinter that is never removed, and as a result, the public have brought into the myth that left wing equals electoral defeat.

This meme covers some truths. Tory lies do embed themselves in a national narrative, made easy by a supportive press. Voters as a whole are not particularly informed in economics (though, let’s be honest, neither are we, really. Though we’d like to think we are). A lot of…

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