Not being pretentious about inequality: winning an election while still being Labour!


Jade Azim

I am doing probably the dullest and most technocratic of all dissertations. It’s on why low and middle income voters don’t prioritise redistribution. I haven’t got a conclusion yet, or an intro, to be honest. I should really get on that. But it has a basis in the form of Chris Rose’s book What Makes People Tick, which itself is based on CDSM‘s three worlds of Settlers, Prospectors and Pioneers, all of which account, roughly, for a third of the population each. Long story short, and to get to my point without boring you, Pioneers are heavily altruistic while Settlers and Prospectors are not.

Jon Cruddas wrote a very good Labourlist article in the Summer of Intense Naval-Gazing on how Labour only had a stronghold on the Pioneers, but the Tories won the Settlers and Prospectors. Labour’s 2015 campaign -one that focused on zero-hours contracts, exploitation, the vulnerable- was a core…

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