The Tories are not inevitable


Jade Azim

The maths is against us. No Opposition has won a subsequent election while being as far behind the polls at this point as we are, by having the gulf in competence or leadership that we have, or with the obstacle of electoral boundaries that we face -that would require more than an 11 point lead for a majority of 1.

But the Tories are not inevitable.

Where Labour is now is Labour’s fault. Osborne is no immortal. The Tories and this government are not particularly popular. The Tory brand is still toxic across large swathes of the country. They left the entire North East underwater, for Christ’s sake. Osborne was booed in 2012, the height of -nay, the only time I can recall where there was- national happiness. A large amount of people hate the Tories.

But they still prefer a competent lizard to an incompetent lamb.

Labour’s brand is…

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