SLAY! Now let’s slay some more!


Jade Azim

I’ve had two overarching complaints about the Labour leadership since September: that it focuses too much on foreign policy; and that it ain’t all too great at media management and messaging. The first complaint has been, at least today, quelled. Jeremy’s Fabian conference speech was almost everything I had initially hoped for from his leadership: putting economic radicalism at the heart of our domestic policy. So when he talked about universal childcare, integrating health and social care, a living wage, banning executives from earning salaries vastly greater than their employees, a huge housebuilding programme, nationalising the rails and democratising energy companies, I finally woke up to a window on my Labour Party advent calendar that didn’t make me cry.

When Labour is not involved in arguments over Trident or NATO, or dealing with Eastenders-esque reshuffles, we can and do unite. We all believe in an economy that works for the many…

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