Please #Corbyn4PM sign petition to release all reports & supplementary data relating to Labour’s defeat


Last week Labour released its official post mortem of the 2015 General Election defeat, the ‘Learning the Lessons from Defeat Taskforce Report’: known to all as the Beckett Report.

When commissioning the report interim leader Harriet Harman MP promised that ‘no stone would be left unturned’, and yet it appears that information essential to enable Labour to move forward to victory in 2020 remains undisclosed.

In their authoritative book ‘The British General Election of 2015’ authors and academics Philip Cowley and Dennis Kavanagh assert a second report was produced entitled ‘What Happened?’ providing the Labour leadership with a warts and all dissection of the reasons for the party’s defeat.

Renowned pollster Deborah Mattinson has disclosed that she was tasked with conducting focus groups in constituencies where Labour had suffered particularly bad defeats. She asserts that the bulk of evidence from those swing voter focus groups is not present in the Beckett Report.

An assessment of the 2015 General Election defeat cannot simply provide evidence which is palatable to the current direction of the party. An assessment must be both transparent and objective.

In order that all members of the Labour Party can move forward in support of the leadership we respectfully call upon Jeremy Corbyn to release all reports and supplementary data commissioned by the party in the wake of May 7th which seek to evaluate the reasons for defeat.

Please sign the petition!


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