If Labour wants to fight cuts, it will have to convince more people they are affected


Jade Azim

In 2012, 59% of people surveyed by Ipsos MORI said they had not been affected by cuts. Now, that has skyrocketed to 75%. My maths has always been a bit sketchy, but I assume I am right in saying that 25% is not a vote large enough to propel Labour into government.

A reformed Milifan is I, but a leftie I remain. When those on the Labour Right argued over summer about the futility of a core base vote, I –like many members- was suspicious that it was a euphemism for fighting on a solely middle class, centrist ticket, and I was not inspired.

But the truth that there is a ceiling to how much of a vote share a party can win on, not even a 35% but a 25% strategy, does not inspire me either.

This does not, however, call for abandoning our fight against the social injustices…

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