The Labourite Belief in False Inevitability


Jade Azim

There’s a similarity between the Corbynite Left and Right of the Labour party; both have a tendency to utter the words “they’ll come around in the end.” For the left, they refer to the general electorate; to the Right, the Labour selectorate.

“You’ll come around eventually.”

Those words sum up the arrogance of past hegemons or current hegemons. When an audience is not receptive to an argument you consider, it’s tempting to consider your audience stupid.

[Note: this blog for the very nature of pointing out trends I have noticed, is rather strawman: not everyone on either side is guilty of this, but enough are to validate this blog entry]

The Left

On the face of it, and from a rational perspective of policy appeal, poor poll ratings make no sense. Labour’s new social and economic programme is popular: cracking down on the excesses of the City, public ownership of the railways, an…

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