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Jeremy Corbyn: Seumas, people are saying, well, that I’m a bit sexist … What shall we do?

Seumas Milne (Labour’s Director of Strategy and Communication): Don’t worry.  It’s only the usual suspects who think you don’t know what’s best for women.

Jeremy Corbyn: May be, but even so …

Seumas Milne: Ok, I know, we’ll hold a ‘symbolic’ Shadow Cabinet in Dagenham to mark International Women’s Day.

Jeremy Corbyn: Great idea!  Will I be able to take some selfies with the women car workers?

Seumas Milne: Jezza, we have been through this before, this is 2016 not 1976!

Jeremy Corbyn: You know, Seumas, my Mom would be so proud of her little boy, the feminist’s feminist for, as I told Jess Phillips I am a feminist, because my Mom was a feminist!

Seumas Milne: We’ll announce this wheeze at the Parliamentary Labour Party meeting on Monday next alongside your campaign to increase the number of female statues.  That’ll show the feminists you know what needs to be done in the fight for equality.

Jeremy Corbyn: Seumas, what’s that whining sound?

Seumas Milne: Jess Phillips, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall, Harriet Harman, Stella Creasey, Caroline Flint …  I mean there are so many of these so called feminists from which to choose.

Jeremy Corbyn: Err, no, I think it is Barbara Castle, Ellen Wilkinson and Jennie Lee spinning out of their graves …

Seumas Milne: Remind me again, who were they?  You know I am bit hazy on the history of the Labour Party …

To be fair to Jeremy Corbyn, he is a product of his time and background.  Corbyn, like Cameron, went to an all boys secondary school and we know how much of a problem Cameron has with confident, assertive women, partly as a result of going to Eton.

However, one would have thought, expected even, that the leader of the Labour Party in the second decade of the 21st Century would be rooting out tokenism, institutional discrimination and nepotism rather than practising them.

Enthusiastic female Jeremy Corbyn supporter goes on Woman’s Hour and says he, Corbyn, is the answer to a feminist’s prayer!

When will Labour women, Jeremy Corbyn, be free from being told to know their limits?

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Pary, a movement of words not deeds when it comes to equal opportunity?

The White, Middle Class Male Power behind the Labour Throne

Jeremy Corbyn’s male-only retinue will never tell him he has no clothes

Jeremy Corbyn appoints his own son as John McDonnell’s Chief of Staff


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