There is a corner of a foreign field, #KenLivingstone, that will forever be Birmingham …


I have a relative in a foreign field that shall ever be Birmingham.  He was killed in the retreat to Dunkirk in 1940 and now lies in a cemetery in Belgium.

I feel almost tearful to be a member of a party with Ken Livingstone in it.  I am deeply shocked, if not angered by so called Socialists who think Livingstone has committed a minor faux pas, deserving of no more than a slap on the wrist, by praying in aid the fascism of Hitler to support a lie.

I belong to the Labour Party, the party of Attlee, Bevan and Bevin, of Greenwood, Wilkinson and Lee.  A party who in 1940 had no truck with Nazism and would not bend the knee to Herr Hitler.

Time for Ken Livingstone, who has spoken words often associated with a Mosleyite or a Mitford, to leave the Labour Party.  He disgraces the memory of all those who fought fascism at the Battle of Cable Street every moment he remains.

Ken Livingstone must be thrown out of Labour. He’s had his last second chance

Ken Livingstone uses a RAPE comparison when asked about Labour suspension

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