Nobody #Labour does humility quite like JC aka Jeremy #Corbyn … #JC4PM


Thursday 24th September 2015

“I am a vegetarian. I personally don’t eat meat and haven’t for a very very long time.

I think meat eaters, if they wish to carry on eating meat, that’s up to them to do so. I don’t stop people eating meat indeed many people that I know very well eat meat often in front of me and I tolerate it with the normal decency, courtesy and respect that you would expect from me.”

Corbyn dismisses call for meat eaters to be treated like smokers with ad campaigns

Friday 3rd June 2016

“Corbyn‎ is clearly loving the attention after years of being ignored and derided. Meeting the people keeps him “humble”, he says at one point. It is the most revealing moment in this gripping film. The thing about the humble is that they never need to point out that they are humble. It is part of the job description of the humble that they don’t say “look at me being humble”. Yet he signs his autograph with what looks like ‎a gold pen and even says he is going to sign his crop of apples.”

Corbyn is getting worse. The man is a total twit

Jeremy Corbyn has become a cross between a rock star and a saint

What Gospel Will Follow the Gospels of St Anthony of Blair & Saint Jeremy of Corbyn?


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