@jeremycorbyn “no friend to the Iraqi people” #InOurBritain #Chilcot #Corbyn4All


While it is true that Blair and co deceived us over WMD in Iraq and that allied planning after the invasion was woefully inadequate, an official apology for these things would not be adequate.

Jeremy Corbyn would also be morally obliged to apologise for preferring to leave the Iraqis under the bloodthirsty rule of the tyrant Saddam Hussein and his two psychopathic sons who would have succeeded him. Saddam had been in breach of UN resolutions for 12 years and responsible for the death during that period of 100,000 Iraqi children as a result of an oil-for-food scam. His other crimes are well known.

If Corbyn wants to apologise for Blair’s choices, he cannot ignore his own. He was no friend to the Iraqi people either.

Professor Alan Sked
London School of Economics

The west has so much to apologise for in the Middle East


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