#Corbyn4All & McDonnell’s close links with IRA will damn #Labour to Hell #LabourLeadership #Owen2016


The true extent of Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell’s links with the IRA is revealed by a Telegraph investigation.

“It can be disclosed that for seven years running, while the IRA “armed struggle” was at its height, Mr Corbyn attended and spoke at official republican commemorations to honour dead IRA terrorists, IRA “prisoners of war” and the active “soldiers of the IRA.”

The official programme for the 1988 event, held one week after the IRA murdered three British servicemen in the Netherlands, states that “force of arms is the only method capable of bringing about a free and united Socialist Ireland.” Mr Corbyn used the event to attack the Anglo-Irish Agreement, the precursor of the peace process.”

Labour’s next great battle

“McDonnell infamously praised the ‘bombs and bullets’ of the IRA, though his links to Irish republicanism › go deeper than words. A party grandee shares a curious tale from the 1980s. The story goes that McDonnell used to frequent a working men’s club in Camden which was known as a hub of IRA activity at the time. He was said to be so pally with the republicans who drank there that it allegedly led to him being given the nickname ‘The Quartermaster’. The joke among local Labour figures was that he was so involved he must have had his own quasi-military rank. His spokesman does not deny he was a regular visitor, but says: ‘It may have been a nickname for him as he was resourceful and in charge of budgets at the GLA.’

McDonnell’s opposition to the peace process was troubling even for Sinn Fein. Sources in both Ireland and the Labour party recall senior Shinners pleading with Tony Blair’s government to keep McDonnell quiet because his rhetoric was discouraging hardliners from accepting a deal. ‘An assembly is not what people have laid down their lives for over 30 years,’ McDonnell told An Phoblacht, Sinn Fein’s newspaper, in 1998. DUP Westminster leader Nigel Dodds warns: ‘If we think Corbyn is bad, McDonnell is a much more sinister character with a much deeper attachment to violent Irish republicanism. For those who stood by democracy during the Eighties and Nineties and tried to work for a peace process, there would be extreme anger at the idea of this man becoming leader of the Labour party.’

A Labour MP who represents a seat bombed by the IRA despairs: ‘What am I supposed to say when people who had family members killed by the IRA come up to me and say, “Your shadow chancellor said the bombs and bullets of the IRA were a good thing”? How can I tell them to vote for the Labour party?’

Labour’s John McDonnell “said gutless wimps opposed to Sinn Fein should have knee-caps shot off”

#Corbyn4All won’t condemn IRA murder, equates with legitimate use of force #ImWithCorbyn #CorbynMustGo

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