Brainwashed by Blairites #JustGirlyThings #LabourLeadership #Owen2016 #Corbyn4All #LabourHustings



Among other observations at my tumultuous CLP nomination meeting last night, I stumbled upon a strange phenomenon. Sitting with two other Labour women, both of whom opposed Jeremy Corbyn, we found …

Source: Brainwashed by Blairites #JustGirlyThings

When will Labour women, Jeremy Corbyn, be free from being told to know their limits?

Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Pary, a movement of words not deeds when it comes to equal opportunity?

The White, Middle Class Male Power behind the Labour Throne

Jeremy Corbyn’s male-only retinue will never tell him he has no clothes

Jeremy Corbyn appoints his own son as John McDonnell’s Chief of Staff


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