One of those #EURef meetings that has slipped #Corbyn4All’s memory? #WeAreHisMedia #LabourLeadership


EU“I insist on spending time with those people and groups I always have represented even while now also travelling across the country – and also I make sure that I have time for myself. Half a day, or a day a week, so I can dig my allotment.

A zero hours contract leader?

On Tuesday 3rd May 2016, the Tuesday before various elections across the United Kingdom, Jeremy Corbyn took time out from his busy election campaign schedule to address a meeting of international parliamentarians, supporters and activists about the the plight of the West Papuans:

West Papua: Jeremy Corbyn calls for democratic reform in Indonesian province

Jeremy Corbyn on West Papua: UK Labour leader calls for independence vote

Whether or not the Labour Party in government should be seeking to interfere in the internal affairs of Indonesia is a matter for another day.  However, Labour has to be in government in order to be able to interfere.

It was Bevan who said, the language of priorities is the religion of Socialism.

Corbyn has a strange sense of priorities, if he thought the situation in West Papua came before election campaigning two days before the most important elections in the United Kingdom before the next General Election.  Elections in which his electability was being tested to the full for the first time.





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