.@JeremyCorbyn, who for 40 years campaigned against #UK staying in both #EU & #NATO, here accuses @UKLabour’s Attlee & Bevin of starting the Cold War by setting up NATO … #ABTV #WATON #FBPE


You think I am joking?

Listen to the start of this video:

Clement Attlee and Ernest Bevin, Labour Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary, respectively in 1948, were the driving force behind the establishment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.

NATO was set up to counter the perceived menace of the Red Army that was occupying most of Eastern Europe, unlike the armed forces of the United States of America which were going home by 1948.

No one was forced to join NATO, unlike the Warsaw Pact set up by the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

Aneurin Bevan, the founder of the National Health Service, was no opponent of NATO.  He said, “No one who is not a pacifist or a partisan of the Kremlin would argue that military strength is not needed.”

Bevan also had no truck with oligarchs.  He would like Attlee and Bevin, international Socialists all three, be appalled at a Labour leader standing by, not standing up for NATO allies, subject to bullying by the latest occupant of the Kremlin.

In repeatedly declining to commit to Article 5 of the NATO Charter, refusing to accept that an attack on one member is an attack on all and the implications that go with that, Jeremy Corbyn not only puts himself well outside settled, decades old Labour opinion on defence, but outside of any chance of becoming Prime Minister.

The first duty of any government is to protect its citizens from enemies, both foreign and domestic.  That is what voters want and expect from parties serious about gaining power.  Attlee, Bevan and Bevin knew that.  Clearly Jeremy Corbyn does not.

It is, moreover, central to what Labour is about that we seek to stand up for, not by the weak and vulnerable, whether they live at home or abroad.  We will not do that from the Opposition benches and we will never be in government, if voters feel they cannot trust Labour with their safety and security.


5 thoughts on “.@JeremyCorbyn, who for 40 years campaigned against #UK staying in both #EU & #NATO, here accuses @UKLabour’s Attlee & Bevin of starting the Cold War by setting up NATO … #ABTV #WATON #FBPE

  1. Reblogged this on 61chrissterry and commented:
    Corbyn at his most passionate on a subject on which he has strong feelings.

    A pity he could not have been so about the EU Referendum and promote Remain in the same passion. Who is to say if Labour was for Leave, would his passion be so like his passion about peace and against NATO.

    Corbyn supports what he wishes to, irrespective on what is collective Labour policy.

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