Hear, Hear #LabourLeadership to Calls for #Corbyn4All to Root Out Nepotism & Unqualified #Labour SPADs!


27.09.15 Labour Party  Conference at Brighton Conference Center John McDonnell MP Shadow Chancellor & Seb Corbyn

John McDonnell MP, Shadow Chancellor & Seb Corbyn at Labour Party Conference on 27th September 2015

Jeremy can start by sacking John McDonnell’s new chief of staff, a 25 year old, middle class graduate from Cambridge University, called Seb.

Seb worked as a paid member of Corbyn’s leadership campaign and before that he was Mr McDonnell’s parliamentary aide.  Seb will now be one of the most influential, paid party officials outside of the leader’s office.

Giving Seb Corbyn his cards would show that New, New Labour is serious about rooting out the nepotism and career politicians that nauseated so many Corbynettes during the days of New Labour.

Sack the spads, finish the focus groups and stick to your guns, Jeremy!


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