#Corbyn prompts the Tories to recycle election campaign material from 1980s … #Labour #JC4PM #Unite




The first duty of Governments is to protect their citizens from enemies, foreign, like Putin and enemies, domestic, like the IRA.  Clearly, Jeremy Corbyn’s take on that duty is not one his predecessors as Labour leader would have shared.

Those predecessors never ran the risk of the content of these posters, from the 1980s, actually being anything more than a Tory smear.  Even Labour’s infamous 1983 manifesto  stated, “Labour believes in collective security.  The next Labour government will maintain its support for NATO”.

Being resolute and standing up, not by the likes of Latvia makes it highly unlikely that we will be sending this chap to Europe again, in any great numbers …


And being resolute in the face of aggression does not preclude building and improving diplomatic relationships, but it does create a firm base on which that work may be undertaken.

By making people in the United Kingdom seriously doubt his commitment to protect them from enemies, both foreign and domestic, Jeremy Corbyn has guaranteed that Labour will never form a government again, whilst he remains its leader.

Hear Corbyn accuse Attlee and Bevin of starting the Cold War


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