Tis official, God is a homosexual … It must be true, it was founder of the Daily Mail who said so …


Alfred Charles William Harmsworth, 1st Viscount Northcliffe died on 14th August 1922.  In the last few days before his end, Northcliffe told those at his bedside that God is an homosexual.

Alfred Harmsworth was a British newspaper and publishing magnate.  On 4th May 1896, he began publishing the Daily Mail in London, which was a hit, holding the world record for daily circulation until Harmsworth’s death.

Taglines of The Daily Mail included “the busy man’s daily journal” and “the penny newspaper for one halfpenny”.  Prime Minister Robert Cecil, Lord Salisbury, said it was “written by office boys for office boys”.

Many of the Daily Mail’s current readers take the content of the Mail as Gospel and, although Northcliffe was raving at the end, what is not to say he did not have a Vision as his life drew to a close to which they might subscribe?  There are, after all, some unkind persons who think much of the content of the Mail is the product of a raving mind!



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