#Corbyn4All TSSA Campaign Co-ordinator gets fellow #TSSA official to lecture #Labour members on loyalty



Labour would not need a purge, Andi, if I may call you that?  Clearly you are a friend I never knew I had.  We would not need a purge if so many people who have:

  • stood as candidates for other parties
  • publicly supported other parties
  • been members of other parties
  • freely admitted having voted for other parties

had not chosen to join Labour in many cases, as they publicly admit, to just vote for Jeremy Corbyn.

A stance made worse by the fact that some of Labour’s new found supporters have, over decades now, displayed a visceral hatred towards the Labour Party much greater than that they have ever displayed for the Tories.

It is more than a bit rich that some Corbyn supporters, who have never missed a trick when it comes to attacking Labour, now seek to lecture loyal Labour members, many with decades of work for the party, about loyalty and commitment …

Help us win the election after this one

Dear John,

My name is Andi Fox and I sell tickets in the travel centre at Doncaster station in the town where I’ve lived almost all my life. And all that time, I’ve been a Labour supporter and a trade union activist too.

I’m sorry we’re having another leadership election this summer. Owen Smith says he agrees with Jeremy on most policies and, to win the general election, we need to show a united party to the voters, and trust in our members.

This week, we should all be concentrating on the hospital closures the Tories plan to make, and the dreadful cuts they’ve already made to social care. Last year I had to beg for funding to provide my Da who’d worked hard all his life with just the basic necessities of care and dignity in his dying days.

Instead, our party is taking votes away from a union leader, an Orgreave justice campaigner, and thousands of ordinary party members including one young woman for doing nothing worse than to “love the Foo Fighters”.

Like Jeremy Corbyn I want to eliminate all forms of abusive behaviour, but party members will form their own judgments about the fairness of this election. Presently, very wealthy members who support a different candidate can donate over £2million to the Lib Dems (Editor’s Note, a barefaced lie with regards to Lord Sainsbury, but spin clearly not Sam Tarry’s forte as #TrainGate has shown) who put the Tories in government for 5 years, or can compare Labour members to Nazi storm troopers.

Labour doesn’t need a purge. We need to trust our members, stick to our principles, and take our message into our communities and workplaces. We need a reforming Labour government to rebuild and transform Britain.

Yours in solidarity,

Andi Fox
Transport Salaried Staffs’ Association member on
Labour’s National Executive Committee

Sam Tarry of the TSSA is co-ordinating Corbyn’s re-election campaign

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