Is #Corbyn the David Brent of UK #Labour? #Lab16 #marr #peston



Jeremy Corbyn “has insisted he does not condone or authorise the abuse of any politicians.

But in an interview last month, he said: “I know that I have received more abuse than I ever used to. But then maybe I’m better known these days. But I receive more abuse than anybody else. The best way of dealing with abuse is: ignore it.” ”

Source: Lilian Greenwood: I was told to ‘f*** off’ by Labour members for backing Owen Smith

In 1970s blokey parlance, Corbyn thinks the best way for dealing with abuse is to grow a pair.

Meanwhile, in 2016, responsible employers do not tell their staff, male or female, that the best way to deal with abuse, physical or verbal, is to ignore it.  Instead they urge their staff to report instances of such abuse to their manager so the appropriate action may be taken.

If Corbyn wants to play the victim card then that is a matter for him, but it is not a practice that any well run organisation, considerate of their staff, would encourage.  In fact, they would discourage it so as to deter further instances of abuse that might affect other members of staff.

Corbyn could give David Brent lessons in poor people management.

Corbyn is out of the Office, period …

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