Please sign my 38 Degrees petition, Jeremy #Corbyn should visit Israeli #Holocaust Museum #Labour



I want Jeremy Corbyn to accept the invitation of the Israeli Labour Party to visit Yad Vashem, the World Holocaust Remembrance Centre, in Israel. I want him to do so in person before Remembrance Sunday 2016 and not to send someone else in his place.

Why is this important?

I believe that the visit is important to stress that the UK Labour Party, whilst it wishes to see a peaceful settlement of issues between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples, is not opposed to the existence of the State of Israel.

Many people in my own family fought (and died) in the war against Nazi Fascism, Mr Corbyn would be honouring their sacrifice by visiting and commemorating the lives of those who suffered at the hands of the Nazis.

I am proud to be a member of the UK Labour Party when I remember the role my party played in supporting Winston Churchill to continue the war against Nazism in May 1940. At that moment, when some would have sought to sue for peace, the Labour Party and people of other politics and no politics said no, we shall not surrender.

17 million, including 6 million the Nazis designated as Jews, died at the hands of German fascism. The UK Labour Party played its part in ensuring that many more millions did not die.

UK armed forces undertook that task with people of many nations, including Muslims from its own Empire who volunteered to fight in the struggle against fascism. Jews of many nationalities also played their part in that fight, when they could so easily have gone to the Americas to avoid the conflict.

I would like, please, for Mr Corbyn to show that he shares my pride, that he go to Yad Vashem, to commemorate the suffering of those remembered there and in so doing also honour the lives of those such as as a cousin of my grandfather, who was killed in 1940 in Flanders.

Sign here, please!



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