#Corbyn4All wins at #PMQs on grammars … May in the country? #LabourHustings #LabourLeadership #Labour





Jeremy Corbyn went to an all boys, selective grammar school that thinks itself to be not dissimilar from a public school.

Most MPs, regardless of party, oppose the creation of more grammar schools than currently exist …

Most MPs were opposed to #BREXIT/#LEXIT …

May dissembled about #BREXIT.  Corbyn dissembled about #LEXIT.  Some of Corbyn’s supporters seek to turn that deceit into a virtue.  They argue that it shows Corbyn was clearly empathising with the views of those who voted Leave.

May seems to be more in tune with the views of voters about grammar schools than most MPs, Corbyn included.

Corbyn appeals over the heads of Labour’s MPs to the party’s members.

May is returning the compliment with interest, in that she is appealing over the heads of MPs of all parties to the voters.  Not just Tory voters, but all voters, regardless as to for whom they voted at the last General Election.

Winning an exchange with May over grammar schools may have put a spring into Corbyn’s step, but opposing things is his forte.  A skill he has honed over 33 years as a Member of Parliament, but seemingly it is the only skill he has acquired in all that time in which he has much proficiency.

The valid arguments against an expansion of grammar schools need marshalling to address why people think they would work for their children and grandchildren, not just because expanding them is a matter of ideology.  Liz Kendall has eight points to cite in the case against grammar schools.

May be now Corbyn will start talking about improving social mobility?  Until he starts to do so then Matt’s cartoon will apply as much to him as to anyone else in Parliament.  And when one looks at many on Corbyn’s own staff, one most definitely sees beneficiaries of the advantages conferred on those who attend selective educational establishments.



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