Sad news – Melon Cauli to close, Aldi to try again


News and Views about Pheasey Park Farm


I have used the brilliantly named Melon Cauli for years now. Especially on a Keto diet the quality of the fruit and veg is far better than anything you may get at Aldi, Asda etc.

So it is personally very sad that Warwick is closing it at Xmas. Obviously business was not good enough and unlike the butchers I suspect quality was not good enough over price at the blasted super markets.

People want cheap food and that means lower quality esp a lot of is frozen, stored then sold at a later date. So I do mourn the closure of it and will I guess have to go back to super markets with flying their food all over the world so consumers have a ‘choice’.

Edit – Also just read the Gt Barr Observer and see Aldi trying again with another application. The council (Birmingham) would be crazy to…

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