#Corbyn Concert & #ChristmasJumperDay In #Labour Diary But #IstanbulConvention Debate Isn’t!!!




“More than 60 MPs have written to Theresa May asking that the government immediately ratify the Istanbul convention, an international agreement aimed at ending violence against women …”

“In a parallel move on Thursday, the Scottish National party MP Eilidh Whiteford launched a private member’s bill calling on the government to ratify the convention.

Whiteford said: “We’ve been waiting over four and a half years for the UK government to ratify the Istanbul convention. It is no longer a valid excuse to say there is not enough parliamentary time to take forward the necessary changes to domestic legislation.”

Her bill (set to be debated in Parliament on Friday 16th December) is intended to set out a clear timetable to bring forward the required legislation …”

MPs ask May to ratify international accord on violence against women

czi9vffxcaaa5j8Women are travelling across the country to seek help for domestic violence – it is time Parliament acted


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