Some white Jeremy #Corbyn fans not happy with responses to this #Labour meme?


I gather some white (middle class, male) Corbyn fans Labour are not happy with responses to this meme?

I think, perhaps, people might not be quite so incensed, if it read “Only Labour can be trusted to enable Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic people help themselves to exploit their potential to the full.”

However, even that statement is offensive, because it implies that other parties, some of whose voters Labour needs to attract to win elections, cannot be trusted on this matter.

Unfortunately for Labour, Corbyn, when appointing, not recruiting, people to the Office of Labour Leader, invariably appoints white, middle class (some very affluent), even upper class, mostly male, some even ex public school & Oxbridge, types to well paid positions in Labour’s hierarchy:

Social Mobility3

Corbyn, from the outset of his leadership, adopted a family, friends and associates approach to appointing people to key Labour positions.  His son, Seb, is a perfect example of his casual nepotism.

Corbyn might put his own house in order when it comes to recruitment exercises by adopting the best practice to be found on the Equality and Human Rights Commission website.

May be Corbyn should put equality of opportunity at the heart of his organisation before seeking to lecture others on their failings?  Then perhaps women, the working class and BAME might start taking him seriously when he pronounces on matters such as inequality and how to enable those suffering from it, to help themselves to tackle it.

The days when elderly, quite affluent, well intentioned, but not very bright, white middle class men got to speak for others should be well and truly over by now.  Take a look outside, it is 2018 and not 1917, is it not?  Women today have got the vote, along with all men, regardless of class, unlike in 1917.

Labour should be about helping people to find their voices so they may speak for themselves.  They should not be expected to rely on people like Corbyn, who invariably say what they think those they patronise want saying.  Quite often, they do not act so much as interpreters or loud hailers as not especially loud mistranslators.

To be fair, Corbyn does wish to do unto others as he would have them do unto him.  I, however, favour treating others in the way they would wish to be treated.  I may only do so by asking them what they feel and want.  If Corbyn adopted such an approach then may be we might see fewer memes and statements like the one above.

Many in Labour do not approve of Corbyn’s paternalistic approach to tackling inequality.

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3 thoughts on “Some white Jeremy #Corbyn fans not happy with responses to this #Labour meme?

  1. Harry Fenton

    Why are we surprised? It’s not as if he grew up on a Council estate with a coal miner dad and a mum working as a cleaner. He lived in Yew Tree Manor, Shropshire, a 17th-century country house, which his father bought. He was educated at Castle House School, an independent preparatory school near Newport, Shropshire, and afterwards attended Adams’ Grammar School as a day student. The surprise is he didn’t “do an Anthony Wedgewood Benn” and change his name to Jerry Corbyn.


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