Forget Mondeo Man! #Labour under #Corbyn wooed & won London Porsche Man! #JC4PM Peoples Leader?


Corbyn is the Peoples Leader, if you happen to be earning above £27k per annum

Not even New Labour won and kept the support of the likes of Porsche Man, for long …

Truly Corbyn is the Peoples Leader, if you happen to be one of the people earning above the national average income of £27,000 per annum.  40% of income earners are on £27,000 per year and above:


Before we have free school meals for everyone, let’s prove it works

Labour must return to first principles on child poverty

Labour manifesto ‘would keep £7bn of planned Tory welfare cuts’

Labour’s scrapping of tuition fees isn’t the progressive measure it appears

Sure Start worked. So why is Theresa May out to kill it and Corbyn under fund it?

More than 350 Sure Start children’s centres have closed since 2010, says Major Dan Jarvis MP


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