Only privileged, white middle class Owen Jones would think #Corbyn’s #Labour would deliver #ForTheMany!



Only a privileged, middle class type like Owen Jones would think that a Labour Government under Corbyn would deliver for the many not the few!

Jones was born in Sheffield and grew up in Stockport, Greater Manchester, and briefly in Falkirk, Scotland.  His father was a local authority worker and trade-union, and his mother is an IT lecturer at Salford University.  He describes himself as a “fourth-generation socialist”; his grandfather was involved with the Communist Party and his parents met as members of the Trotskyist Militant Tendency.

He attended Bramhall High School and Ridge Danyers Sixth Form College before studying history at University College, Oxford, graduating with a BA in 2005 and a Master of Studies (MSt) in US history in 2007.  Before entering journalism, Jones worked as a trade-union lobbyist and was a parliamentary researcher for the left-wing Labour politician John McDonnell, then a backbencher, who became Shadow Chancellor in 2015.

Jones is an almost daily columnist for The Guardian after switching from The Independent in March 2014. His work has appeared in the New Statesman, the Sunday Mirror, Le Monde diplomatique and several smaller publications.  He has made television appearances as a political commentator, including several BBC News shows, Sky News, Channel 4 News, ITV’s Daybreak and BBC One’s Question Time programme.

Jones has written a number of books, one of which is entitled The Establishment: And How They Get Away With It:

I gather the title is not ironic!

Jones, an Islington Socialist; a petrified adolescent scribbler of ephemeral, fact free comment pieces and a Peter Pan for the ‘principled’ middle class left, thinks that Corbyn’s domestic policies are undeserving of attack from Blair:

Those would be the policies illustrated in the following charts, would they Jones?

Now, Jones, compare and contrast Corbyn’s plans for Government with the results of Blair’s delivery for the working class in Government:

One reason why some middle class (and even some working class) Corbyn supporters hate Blair and Brown so much is that they feel they were not sufficiently rewarded for voting Labour in 1997.

They have never forgiven Labour under Blair and Brown for going into a General Election on a platform of improving the condition of the working class, winning on that platform and then going on to deliver the policies on which they had campaigned.

This year Labour under Corbyn went into the General Election on a platform of improving the condition of the middle class and lost.

Team Corbyn lost after making an unashamed pitch for the middle class vote by pledging free university tuition, free universal childcare, free universal school meals:

a write off of student debt, cheaper rail fares and so on. And, if you earn less than £80k per annum, John McDonnell said, you will pay no extra Income Tax and National Insurance for five years.

Incidentally, how many of those in the media, for example, John Harris, Owen Jones and Abi Wilkinson of the Guardian, would have been beneficiaries of ‘Honest’ John McDonnell’s largesse?  Wilkinson likes to make the case for universal benefits that, only co-incidentally I am sure, would see Guardian readers do very well under a Corbyn led Labour Government.  The Guardian is very much the House Journal of Labour under Corbyn’s leadership, despite what some Corbyn supporters would like to think.

Labour under Blair delivered in Government for the working class. That really sticks in the craw of ‘principled’, middle class ‘Socialists’ like Corbyn, Jones and Milne, Corbyn’s very own spin doctor in chief.  Milne likes to hang around with dictators like Putin, for whom Corbyn rarely has a critical word:

and the friends and allies of dictators, people like Julian Assange:

A case, Jones, of the Le Creuset pot calling the ethnic kettle on the recovered, pre-owned Aga, black?

One thought on “Only privileged, white middle class Owen Jones would think #Corbyn’s #Labour would deliver #ForTheMany!

  1. Hurry Up

    The Le Creuset and Aga references are spot on. Initially charged with ‘recycled’ orange peel and fuelled on reclaimed mahogany


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