#Labour under #Corbyn Pledge Government of the People by the Middle Class for the Middle Class


Labour under Corbyn Pledge Government of the People by the Middle Class for the Middle Class

More than three quarters of Labour Party members are now drawn from the most affluent social classes in Britain, making somewhat of a mockery of Jeremy Corbyn’s claim to be leading a workers’ movement.

Professor Tim Bale’s Party Members Project finds that 77% of surveyed Labour members are in the ABC1 social group.  ABC1s are Britain’s richest and most-educated, working in professional or managerial jobs.  The proportion of ABC1 Labour members has also increased since the last survey (and since Corbyn became leader); ABC1 members are up 7% from from 70% in 2015.

The C2DE classes, who work in manual jobs, and whom Labour traditionally represents, now account for just 23% of the party’s membership.

The 2017 ESRC survey of Labour members was a repeat of a similar study carried out in 2015.  It suggests Labour has had a surge in the number of women members with the percentage rising from 38% to 47%.  More than half of members are graduates, with an average age of 53 and fairly affluent, with 77% of those surveyed from an ABC1 social group, up from 70% in 2015.

Big majority of Labour members ‘want UK to stay in single market’


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