Tis Official #Corbyn More Left Wing Than #Labour’s Attlee & Bevan, Only Hardie & Jesus Christ to Go …


The Beveridge Report, written by a Liberal, came out in 1942.

Labour, under Attlee and Greenwood, stood shoulder to shoulder with Churchill in May 1940 to face down Tory moves to come to an understanding with Hitler.

Is Lansman alleging that the Left were slow in coming forward with regards to ideas to expand the Welfare State, whose substantial foundations were dug by Liberals Lloyd George and Churchill and that Corbyn’s brand of paternalist Socialism will only ever be a follower of public opinion, not a shaper of it?

And what about the ‘small’ matter of Corbyn’s lack of patriotism?  Is that why Lansman only goes back as far as 1942?

My response to Corbyn’s request for my views on Syria

What would Labour’s Bevin have thought of Corbyn’s request for my views on Syria?

The case for a stronger United Nations to protect and keep the peace



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