After #Dunkirk, England stood alone, all 500 million of its subjects that is …


After the evacuation of Allied forces at Dunkirk and other ports, the British Empire stood alone, all 500 million of its subjects along with many brave men and women from around the globe …

500m out of an estimated world population in 1940 of 2,300m.

Incidentally, Sir David Alexander Cecil Low was  a political cartoonist and caricaturist who lived and worked in the United Kingdom for many years.  Low was a self-taught cartoonist.   He was born in New Zealand in 1891, worked in his native country before migrating to Sydney, Australia in 1911, and ultimately to London in 1919.

Cyril Kenneth Bird, pen name Fougasse was born in London, the heart of Empire and as a cartoonist is best known for his editorship of Punch magazine and his World War II warning propaganda posters.  He also designed many posters for the London Underground.

Bird was seriously injured during the Gallipoli Campaign during World War I and, as a result, invalided out of the British Army.  The campaign is often considered to be the beginning of Australian and New Zealand national consciousness as troops from both countries formed part of the Allied forces sent to the Dardanelles.  Soldiers from France and its colonies also played a large role during the campaign.

Bird’s pen name is based on the fougasse, a type of mine.

Noorunissa Inayat Khan (1914 – 1944) volunteered for and died in the fight against the Nazi persecution of the Jews

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